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What's new in June 2022 (v1.27)

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Enhanced connectivity between OpenForms and OpenCities

We've made the experience of using OpenForms with OpenCities a lot smoother. Users whose OpenForms permissions are synchronized from OpenCities can still access OpenForms the way they always have (through the "forms" area in the OpenCities admin). But now they can also login directly through the OpenForms login screen using their OpenCities credentials. Easy!

Additionally, we've cleaned up an error that could occur using the former method, and made sure that users that are deactivated in OpenCities are automatically deactivated in OpenForms, too.


Alert visitors who are using unsupported browsers

We've added the option to let visitors that come to your site using an unsupported browser know they might be getting a compromised experience. This optional alert will be displayed as a banner on your OpenCities site and is enabled by default. You can turn it off in site settings, and update it to give visitors as much information as they need. (Right now, it references Internet Explorer which is reaching end of life in June 2022).



OpenCities Changelog

Detailed overview to learn about changes to OpenCities in v1.27


Content types, page components, and templates

Page comments

  • Resolved an issue with page comments where attempting clear name data only reloaded the page 

OC Meeting Document

  • Resolved an issue where Meeting Document links were not respecting new tab/same tab link configurations


Content editing and publishing


  • Resolved an issue where using a specific URL format in the WYSIWYG hyperlink tool may output invalid data


  • Resolved an issue where adding an external approver and saving workflow resulted in unexpected behavior for selected internal approvers
  • Resolved an issue where an external approver approving content could result in unexpected workflow emails sent to internal approvers


Site administration


  • Resolved an issue where meetings or agenda documents could have been downloaded by users without adequate view permissions 
  • Resolved an issue where a duplicate username might prevent “Set Current Page permissions” from appearing 

Site Management 

  • Resolved an issue where removing value for "View more" content for Intranet search results page in site management hides the setting

User Management 

  • Resolved an issue where a deleted user may not be deactivated


Premium modules and connectors

External User Management 

  • Resolved an issue where Azure AD users may remain logged in to an OpenCities site, even when logged out of their Azure Account 

Eventbrite connector 

  • Improved event cost field now displays simplified currency option
  • Resolved an issue where previous page versions were not deactivated for events synchronized from Eventbrite
  • Resolved an issue where archived issues were still being updated on each synchronization
  • Resolved an issue where synchronisation to archived or rolled back pages could result in unexpected version creation
  • Resolved an issue where pages would not archive correctly when linked to internally from other pages
  • Resolved an issue where the register modal flow on shared Eventbrite pages was not appearing
  • Resolved an issue where synchronized event titles longer than the maximum character length in a locked field could prevent pages from being saved


  • Resolved an issue where residents could add javascript while submitting pages in MyCity 

OpenForms user bridge 

  • Added enhancements to support a smoother login process
  • Improved UI on Forms page to simplify common tasks and only show config options to users with permission to change them
  • The SSO bridge can now handle deactivation and reactivation of synced users in OpenForms
  • Permission tasks now include the new OpenForms roles for Account Owner 


Upcoming deprecations and breaking changes

Internet Explorer 11

  • Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer 11, end of support life is June 15, 2022
  • Added a toggleable notification banner in Site Settings to alert users when using an unsupported browser (will apply to Internet Explorer at release)
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