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What's new in October 2022 (v1.28)

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Streamline your event creation with two new integrations

Our integrations with third-party events platforms have expanded to include Bookable and VivaTicket. With these integrations, you can:

  • Create events in Bookable or VivaTicket that will automatically display on your website and look just like those made directly in OpenCities.
  • Make all events, no matter where they are created, discoverable across your main site and subsite homepages, maps, search results, and My Neighborhood.
  • Allow residents to register for events and buy tickets without leaving your sites.
  • Move events through a proven OpenCities workflow.

We've included information about the connector in the OpenCities - Bookable Connector.pdfIf you'd like to increase the discoverability of your events and cut down on content duplication, reach out about purchasing one of these integrations today.


Manage your external users with OneLogin

We're expanding our single sign-on authentication options. Now you'll be able to use OneLogin, Okta Identity Cloud, or Microsoft Azure Active Directory for identity management and authentication across OpenCities admin, Intranets, and Websites.

OneLogin, Okta, and Azure AD support is bundled as part of all OpenCities Intranets. It’s also available as a premium module for cities without an OpenCities-powered Intranet.


Making your admin experience more secure

We conduct regular reviews and audits of our application and environment to ensure that we follow industry standards and best practices. One of the items highlighted in a recent security audit was the higher-than-recommended session timeouts in our admin, so we have reduced to session timeout to 90 minutes.

After 90 minutes of inactivity, the admin application will log you out. To ensure you don't lose any saved data, we have added a prompt informing you when your session has expired. You will be provided with the opportunity to copy any of your recent unsaved edits to a location outside the CMS before logging into the application again.


Start gathering data with Google Analytics 4 

We now support tracking your site traffic with both legacy Google Analytics code and Google Analytics 4. To prevent losing analytics data when Google discontinues Universal Analytics in 2023, we recommend you start dual-tagging now. Here's how. In the meantime, we're working to integrate the Insights Dashboard with GA4 and will release this functionality before UA is turned off.



OpenCities Changelog

A detailed overview to learn about changes to OpenCities in v1.28


Content types, page components, and templates


  • Resolved an issue where an event with a start date but no end date resulted in no date showing at all
  • Improved the presentation of multiple dates on events

Content Lists

  • Resolved an issue where content labels weren't getting saved properly when creating or editing a content list

Content editing and publishing

Images and documents

  • Resolved an issue where the "unlink" text would disappear from its button in the image field
  • Resolved an issue where the content was not showing correctly in a rotating banner on the homepage
  • Resolved an issue where the "merge all child page permissions" and "clear all child page permissions" actions did not work as expected
  • Resolved an issue where resizing large image files would cause the Admin and Web applications to slow down
  • Added a link to view the current published version of a document 


  • Resolved an issue where map managers were unable to upload a marker icon when building a new layer


  • Resolved an issue where an OpenForm was not showing correctly on certain browsers when embedded into a tab, accordion, or general page section.

Page Deletion

  • Resolved an issue where users saw an error when trying to delete a page version

URL Mapping

  • Resolved an issue where the URL Mapping list was not respecting the activate date set by admin


  • Resolved an issue where language translations were not working as expected in some fields

Site administration

Social Media Logos

  • Updated the brand logos for third-party sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. to meet current brand guidelines


  • Users can now generate a search report for the Search Combined Content List

Premium modules and connectors

External User Management

  • Resolved issues with the Microsoft Azure AD external user management where deactivated users were still visible, syncs were failing and other incorrect behavior


  • Resolved an issue where a page created with the Eventbrite integration would not be archived in OpenCities after it was cancelled in Eventbrite
  • Resolved an issue where events from Eventbrite wouldn't sync properly
  • Resolved an issue where the warning message was not displaying before deleting an Eventbrite or ATDW page


  • Resolved and error that prevented events from being deleted from MyCity
  • Resolved an issue where pages in MyCity that have been shared to other sites are deactivated but remain visible with no content
  • Resolved an issue where the body content wouldn’t open when clicked on a MyCity page


  • Updated the HP Trim integration bridge to be compatible with v10

Accessibility enhancements

  • Added the ability to display the activate date in a listing of child pages and sort in ascending or descending order
  • Added a setting to the styles tab in themes manager to allow site designers to configure the background opacity behind predictive search results on an intranet site
  • Upgraded predictive search to allow users to 'tab' through search results

Security enhancements

  • Updated dependencies for jQuery BBQ, FFMPEG, log4net and Google Maps
  • Upgraded security to prevent malicious MyCity registrations and logins

Upcoming deprecations and breaking changes

Google Analytics

  • Updated Google Analytics tracking to support Google Analytics 4 in preparation for deprecation of Universal Analytics in July 2023. Learn more.


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