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Updating the Azure AD Client Secret

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This task is for users with the following roles: OC System Administrator.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is an external user Management system. You can connect with OpenCities and set it up to manage users and enable single sign-on for OpenCities admins, Intranet users, and password-protected subsites.

You need several connection items to connect your Azure AD and OpenCities accounts, one of which is the Client Secret. Azure AD limits the lifetime of client secrets to two years, so occasionally, you will need to generate a new Client Secret.

To change the Client Secret, a user will need access to your OpenCities admin. This means that if your Client Secret has already expired, you will need a locally managed user to update it. We recommend keeping an admin account local, with a secure password, for emergency troubleshooting.

Once you have generated a new Client Secret, record the value, as you will need to update the OpenCities module.

  1. From the main menu, go to More > External User Management.
  2. Select Azure AD and go to the Connector Settings tab.
  3. Select the Change client secret link next to the Client Secret field.
  4. Enter the new Client Secret you got from Microsoft Azure, but don't save it yet. Instead, select Test Connection.
  5. If the test is successful, select Save. If unsuccessful, choose Cancel, then double-check your Client Secret value.

Once successful, your Azure AD and OpenCities accounts should be connected. Check out our connector setup guide if you've never connected to Azure AD.

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