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Manage the ATDW module

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This task is for users with the following roles: OC Developer, OC Site Manager, and OC System Administrator.

The ATDW module is a premium module; you'll need to submit a support case, and we'll install it on one site. After it has been installed once, you can install it for each additional site you need.

Also, once installed, you'll need to set it up for each site.

Set up the ATDW module

To set up the ATDW module, you'll need to have an account with ATDW and obtain an API key from there. You'll then need to add it to the Site Management settings for each site that has the module.

  1. Copy the API Key from ATDW, and go to More > Site Management > your site > Settings > ATDW in your OpenCities admin.
    ATDW icon in site management
  2. Paste the API key from ATDW into the API Key field and select Save and load your event information.
    ATDW api key field

Once you add the API Key to Site Management, additional configuration settings will be available.

Configure your ATDW module settings

Once you've installed and set up the ATDW module, you'll need to configure your settings for each available content type. The table below will go through each setting available for all content types.

Field Purpose
This is the private token generated from your ATDW account.
List of Suburb/City

A list of suburbs or cities you want to sync across events, accommodations, and attractions. You need to enter new locations in this format, with each location separated by a comma:

"Melbourne,Port Melbourne,Richmond,Fitzroy,East Melbourne"

States to sync

Check each state that has listings you want to sync. You must only check the relevant states, as some suburbs, cities, and localities are found in multiple places.

OpenCities content types to sync

Check each content type that you want to sync from ATDW.

OC Event / OC Accommodation / OC Tourist Attraction
ATDW types to include - OC Tourist Attractions only

Check each type of ATDW attraction types to sync to your site.

You'll find this setting within the OC Tourist Attraction accordion menu. 

Location to create initial mirrored [content type] in site tree

You can use this setting to indicate the folder in your site tree where you want to publish content from ATDW. By default, this will be:

  • [sitename]/ATDW/Events
  • [sitename]/ATDW/Accommodation
  • [sitename]/ATDW/Attractions

You may also need to create an OC Module Interface page to list ATDW content. We have the following module interface templates to list these content types, and each template will list all pages of that content type on your site:

  • OC Accommodation Listing
  • OC Events Listing
  • OC Events Listing Full Width
  • OC Events Listing Full Width Grid
  • OC Events Listing Grid
  • OC Tourist Attraction Listing

Select the template you want to use for synced content from the dropdown menu. ATDW content will sync with the OC Default template if you don't choose a template.

If you are using a custom template, and you then delete it, synced content will revert to OC Default.

OC Accommodation and OC Tourist Attraction pages only have the OC Default, but OC Events have multiple templates. Content authors can still Update and change the template for individual events.

Default Author

Choose a default Page author for content synced from ATDW. This is a predictive text field, so start typing the name of a user with appropriate permissions and select the correct name from the list.

Note: if you don't enter a user in this field, ATDW content will be assigned a default admin user. This can impact any workflows in place, as those admin users may be exempt from workflows. We recommend assigning these pages to a user who can take responsibility for them, but who cannot skip workflows.

Default Category - OC Events only

When events are synced from ATDW, OpenCities will automatically match those categories to those in your Event settings. If a match cannot be found, the system will default to the category you specify in this field. You can add or remove categories in your Events Site Management settings.

Workflow for...

Select whether you want to apply workflows to New and/or Updated ATDW listings.

ATDW events are synced into the OC Event content type, so they will automatically go through any event workflows you have in place. However, you will likely need to create a workflow for OC Accommodation and OC Tourist Attraction pages.

Remember to ensure that the Default Author you specified for each content type cannot skip your workflows.

When [content type] are no longer live...

Use this dropdown menu to choose what happens to synced content when those listings are no longer live on ATDW. You can choose to:

  • Archive the [content type] (default): this will remove the page from your site, but allow you to restore it later.
  • Delete the [content type] in OpenCities: this will remove the page completely, and it cannot be restored.
  • Leave the [content type] active: this will leave the page live on your site, and you will need to Archive or Delete it manually. If it's a past event, it will no longer display on your event listings.

This setting is implemented at each sync.

Note: if canceled events remain live, they will be marked canceled on your OpenCities site.

Save and sync now

The ATDW connector is scheduled to sync every 3 hours.This field also provides the time and date of your Last sync and a Sync in progress bar.

Select Save and sync now to manually and immediately sync your ATDW account with OpenCities.

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