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Create or update an OC Tourist Service page

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The last content type associated with the ATDW module is the OC Tourist Service page. This content type syncs, or is created, as a child page below individual OC Accommodation or OC Tourist Attraction page. You can use OC Tourist Service pages to provide more information about different options such as room types, or different tours.

This content type will display as an accordion panel in the main content area of each accommodation or attraction page.

To create or update a tourist service page:

  1. If you're creating from scratch, right-click in the site tree where you want to make the page and select Create Page.
  2. Select OC Tourist Service as the content type. If you're editing an existing page, navigate to the OC Tourist Service page in your site tree which you want to edit, and select Update.
  3. Make your changes to the page fields. Please note that you cannot alter the content in the WYSIWYG Editor or other locked fields.
  4. Publish your page when you're ready.

Some fields are locked and cannot be edited in OpenCities, so you can keep the content between ATDW and OpenCities consistent. All locked fields must be updated in ATDW, which will then update in OpenCities on the next sync. Unlocked fields will not update at the next sync.

What to include on your OC Tourist Service page

You can use the following information to update your OC Tourist Service page fields. Any locked fields are indicated as such.

For newly created pages, there are two WYSIWYG Editors available to create content. The main body content editor can be accessed from the blue area of the template image, while the other can be accessed by selecting Service facilities from the WYSIWYG Editor dropdown menu. Content in either WYSIWYG Editor will appear in the main content area.

As this content appears in an accordion panel, we recommend keeping content brief.

Field Purpose
Page name Completes the unique page URL.

Service name

Locked for synced tourist services

The name of the service, for example, tour names or the name of specific room types.
Service gallery

Images of the service for an image gallery within the accordion panel.

These images will be hosted on your ATDW account. The links and captions to these images will sync once initially, and after that will need to be edited from OpenCities.

What else?

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