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What's New in April 2023 (v1.29)

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Use Google Analytics 4 to populate your Insights Dashboard cards

In our last release, we introduced the ability to start tracking your site traffic with both legacy Google Analytics code and Google Analytics 4 in preparation for the sunsetting of Universal Analytics in July 2023. Now, Insights Dashboard cards have been updated to properly read and analyze the GA4 data so that you can continue monitoring how your visitors are using your site to make data-driven content decisions.

If you've been tracking your site data with GA4, you can now connect it to the Insights Dashboard. To make the switch, you will need to enable two additional APIs in Google Cloud Console. These APIs ensure your Insights Dashboard continues to display data collected by GA4. The Insights Dashboard help center article has been updated to reflect these steps to change the data source to GA4.

If you have not yet started tracking your site using GA4 and are still using GA3, we recommend you start dual-tagging now so that you'll have enough data to populate the cards by the time you switch. Here's how.


Sync events from Spydus Library Management System

Our integrations with third-party events platforms have expanded to include Spydus Library Management System from CivicaWith this integration, you can:

  • Create events in Spydus that will automatically display on your website and look just like those made directly in OpenCities.
  • Make all events, no matter where they are created, discoverable across your main site and subsite homepages, maps, search results and My Neighborhood.
  • Move events through a proven OpenCities workflow.

If you'd like to increase the discoverability of your events and cut down on content duplication, reach out about purchasing this integration today. This integration is only available in Australia and New Zealand.



OpenCities Changelog

A detailed overview to learn about changes to OpenCities in v1.29


Content types, page components, and templates

  • Resolved an issue where clicking on an OC Redirect Page inside a Featured Section would not result in opening a new tab even though the option was selected
  • Resolved an issue where expanding the Minutes & Agendas accordions sometimes displayed an error
  • Resolved an issue where a calendar would not display events properly when embedded into a tab
  • Resolved an issue where updating the source file for an image in the files library did not replace the existing image on pages where it was in use

Content editing and publishing

  • Resolved an issue where the checkout time on a page was displaying in an incorrect timezone
  • Resolved an issue where pages with only numerals in the name could not be successfully created when using the import tool
  • Resolved an issue where the roll back button did not disappear after a page was deactivated
  • Resolved an issue where pages imported into OpenCities via an xls file were not displayed in the site tree and could not be edited when selected from the search results

Site administration

  • Resolved an issue where users encountered an error when searching for files from the files screen after changing a user's language preference
  • Resolved an issue where admins cannot save new categories after removing all existing categories for the OC Business or OC Directory content types
  • Resolved an issue where the Top Task and Trending Page panels in the Insights Dashboard might not have been not displaying correctly
  • Added the Tigrinya language pack to the list of available languages for site translation

Premium modules and connectors

  • Added the ability to force a manual sync for an event connector and enhanced the user interface for sync statuses


  • Removed deprecated fields from the MyCity Settings interface

EngagementHQ Connector

  • Added the ability for the date field in an OC EngagementHQ Project page to be populated by the date entered in the project on EngagementHQ when using the connector; this field is no longer editable in OpenCities

Security and stability enhancements

  • Resolved an issue where intranet users could not see the correct profile details after logging out of one account and logging in with another
  • Improved security when using an Inline Frame (iFrame)
  • Upgraded security for site cookies
  • Resolved an issue where the calculation of image properties was causing performance issues
  • Resolved an issue where images were not cached properly by the CDN resulting in poor performance
  • Added the ability to hide files and pages from the results of an external search engine (Google, Bing, etc.) when the site has not yet been published

Upcoming deprecations and breaking changes

Google Analytics

  • Added the ability to change the source of the Insights Dashboards data from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. Learn more
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