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About the Spydus integration

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Our integration with the Spydus Library Management System lets you sync Spydus events into your OpenCities site(s). This premium module syncs events into the OC Event content type on your site, increasing your audience while reducing time on content creation.

The Spydus module is a premium module only available for Australian and New Zealand cities and councils. To install this module, please submit a support case, and we'll install the module for you after we've processed the payment.

Once the module has been installed and set up, events will sync from Spydus as OC Events in OpenCities and can be managed similarly. However, some fields for synced events will be locked, so we can keep events consistent between the two platforms.

Install Spydus on additional sites

This task is for users with the following roles: OC System Administrator.

After you've purchased the Spydus module, we will install it for you on one site. If you have additional sites you'd like to use the module with, such as a library subsite or your main site, you must install and configure the module for each site.

To install the Spydus module for additional sites:

  1. Go to More > Modules.
  2. Select Install on the Spydus module icon.
    the Spydus module install button
  3. Use the Choose a site... dropdown menu to select the site you want to install it on, then select Install.

Please note that once you install a module on a site, you cannot uninstall it. Additionally, once you have installed the Spydus module, you must set it up for each site before you can sync events to it.

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