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Send Bulletins from OpenCities

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This task is for users with the following roles: OC Developer, OC Site Manager, and OC System Administrator.

Once you have connected with govDelivery, set up Topic subscription capture, and created your bulletin templates, you can start sending and scheduling bulletins from specific pages. You can also send notifications for content types for which you have not made a template; by default, each available content type will include the bulletin message you write.

Create, send, and schedule a bulletin

You can create bulletins for most content types with live pages that users can visit. For example, if you update the opening hours of an OC Venue page, you can send a bulletin to subscribers so they know those important details.

To start creating a bulletin for your page:

  1. Go to the page in your OpenCities admin and go to the govDelivery tab. The govDelivery tab will show your Bulletin History.
    bulletin history.png
  2. Select Create bulletin to start writing a new one. You can create a bulletin regardless of whether the page is published or in WIP, but if there is no active version, the bulletin will be saved as a Draft.
  3. Use the Topics dropdown menu to select which topics you want to send this bulletin to. This is a predictive field, and you may have a lot of topics, so you can start typing the required topic to filter the list.
  4. Use the Message field to write the bulletin's text.
    create bulletin.png
  5. Select Send Now if your page is published and you want to send the bulletin immediately.
  6. Or, toggle Schedule Bulletin to On and use the Schedule date fields to choose the date and time you want to send the bulletin.
    schedule bulletin.png
  7. Select Schedule to save and schedule the bulletin.

Once you have scheduled a bulletin, you cannot create a new one, but you can edit it by selecting the gear icon > Update in the govDelivery tab. You can Update a Scheduled or Draft bulletin, but you cannot edit a Sent bulletin.

You can also Delete it using this menu or by going to More > govDelivery > Bulletins to delete individually or in bulk.

If necessary, you can preview what a bulletin will look like by scheduling it in OpenCities and then viewing the scheduled bulletin in govDelivery. After opening the scheduled bulletin in govDelivery, it will move back to Draft status, so you must reschedule it.

View your page's Bulletin History

The govDelivery tab will also display the Bulletin History for the page. The history will show the Page Version, Last Updated date, the Sent/Scheduled date, who it was Last Updated By, and the Status of the bulletin.

There are five bulletin statuses:


scheduled status.png

The bulletin is Scheduled for the date and time in the Sent/Scheduled column. Use the gear icon to Update or Delete this bulletin.


Sent status.png

The bulletin was Sent at the date and time specified in the Sent/Scheduled column. You cannot Update or Delete this bulletin.


expired status.png

The bulletin was Scheduled for a page that has been archived, rolled back, or deactivated, so the bulletin was not sent. In this scenario, the bulletin is Expired in OpenCities and deleted from govDelivery.


draft status.png

A bulletin is in Draft if there is no published or active version of the page. In this case, the Send Now option is unavailable, and you must set a scheduled date.


error status.png

The bulletin was not sent due to an error. You can hover over the ? icon to view the Error message.

You can view all Scheduled Bulletins for your site by going to More > govDelivery and selecting the Bulletins tab. From this tab, you can select the Page name to go to the page and bulletin, use the gear icon to Delete the bulletin or check and Delete bulletins using the Bulk Actions menu.

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