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Prevent OpenCities Emails Being Filtered by your Spam and Spoof Protection

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Admin users in OpenCities will occasionally receive emails from the system, such as notifications for content review. These emails are sent from noreply@opencities.com, but you can change this to one from your organization's domain, for example, noreply@councilname.gov.

If you choose to use an email from your organization's domain, you must ensure that you take anti-spoofing measures to authenticate that domain and prevent internal email filters from blocking it. In some regions, this is a legal obligation.

OpenCities supports the following anti-spoofing methods:

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF): Instruct your domain name administrator or IT staff to update your SPF record to include
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM): Submit a support case with a request to update your DKIM configuration and include your domain name. In the example above, the domain name would be councilname.gov. Our team will then provide the DNS records to be updated by your domain name administrator.

To prevent emails from being filtered as spam, we can also recommend checking your Junk Mail settings. The email service that your organization uses should allow you to specify which senders and domains are safe and which should be blocked.

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