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What's New in June 2024 (v1.33)

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Site Audit Report

You can now use the Site Audit Report to monitor your file storage and page authoring activities.

Move towards fully scalable architecture

We are moving asset files to Azure cloud storage, taking OpenCities one step closer to native cloud architecture to improve performance, reliability and scalability


We've made security improvements as part of Granicus's ongoing commitment to provide highly secure products and resolve vulnerabilities.


Various performance and reliability improvements are provided by monitoring the database and implementing database optimizations.


Various reported bugs were resolved - see the detailed changelog below.

What we're working on for the next release

  • Legistar meetings integrations/sync as a fully capable OpenCities content type for use in pages, searches, calendars, etc.
  • Implementing content authoring efficiency tools with supporting AI technologies.
  • Continued development of performance and reliability improvements with the move to cloud-native services.
  • Accessibility enhancements for WCAG 2.2 Conformance of Critical items.


OpenCities Detailed Changelog

A detailed overview to learn about changes to OpenCities in v1.33.

Site Administration

  • Resolved an issue in which My Area address search returns incorrect results in certain scenarios
  • Replaced old from/send email addresses used in notifications to noreply@opencities.com
  • Resolved an error while processing data for PopularSearchesCard card

Self-Service Site Audit Report

  • A System Administrator or Site Manager can run the Site Audit Report in the More menu to produce a Page or File report.
  • The report can be exported to Excel CSV format.

Content editing and publishing

  • Resolved an issue in which a renamed image file resulted in a 404 error (certain scenarios)
  • Resolved an issue in which the ATDW accommodation map pin was not showing on Google Map (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse customers only)

Move towards fully scalable architecture

  • Site asset files are moved into Azure blob storage.
  • This opens the pathway for a future where OpenCities websites operate over multiple nodes to provide cloud-level reliability, fault-tolerance, and scalable performance.


  • Granicus ongoing application security testing scan for security issues such as cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, out-of-date third-party software modules, and command injection vulnerabilities.
  • Ongoing software maintenance ensures the software meets our high-security standards.


  • Active monitoring of application performance identifies database optimizations such as search indexes and data field improvements.

Solr (Solr users only)

  • Resolved an error when changing application time zone
  • Resolved an issue in which an "Unexpected error" appeared when using certain data list controls
  • Resolved an issue in which Solr indexing stopped in some scenarios
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