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Bring back UGC - User generated content Dale Drechsler 0 comments 0 votes
JSON data source for Content Lists Dale Drechsler 0 comments 0 votes
Form Governance Rob Janson 0 comments 2 votes
Option to export link report or advanced search Justine Murtha 0 comments 1 vote
Add redirect URL field to venues, events and directory pages Kym Harvey 0 comments 0 votes
Allow multiple responder emails to be used in OpenForms workflows Kym Harvey 1 comment 0 votes
Allow for disabling the link checker for updates made via the API endpoint Joseph Crockett 0 comments 1 vote
Add posting date on OC Bids & Tenders Pages Justine Murtha 0 comments 0 votes
Removing meetings from By year search filter Kent MacCarter 0 comments 1 vote
My Area Settings for Each Sub-site Justine Murtha 0 comments 0 votes
OpenCities - Allow FTP to upload files Mandi White 1 comment 0 votes
OC Projects - full width with full width image template Leanne Clark 0 comments 3 votes
OC Projects - be able to filter by Project Type Leanne Clark 1 comment 2 votes
Google Analytics - Minutes and Agendas - Download PDF link text Emmaleah Cumming 1 comment 0 votes
OpenForms Interaction Karen Hall 0 comments 0 votes
OpenForms - testing Craig Heyen 3 comments 4 votes
OpenCities - submit a page for review Craig Heyen 0 comments 2 votes
Add a template for full width grid events listings in WYSIWYG content builder Lisa Herd 1 comment 4 votes
OpenForms: Admin Reporting Cori Madewell 0 comments 2 votes
OC Event Locations - Location over riding page title Michelle Rutherford 0 comments 0 votes
Our AI chatbot got an upgrade Dale Drechsler 0 comments 2 votes
Added functionality for long running events - different open hours for the weekends Michelle Rutherford 2 comments 3 votes
Report of when pages and files were last published Leanne Clark 8 comments 3 votes
System Email Templates Emmaleah Cumming 0 comments 0 votes
Ability to specify a code for a picklist option Rob Janson 0 comments 0 votes
Openforms: Allow data connectors to send more data Dale Drechsler 1 comment 3 votes
Add other fields to Content List filters Joseph Crockett 4 comments 2 votes
OC Events - fully booked Kym Harvey 2 comments 2 votes
Ability for Reviewer to Reject a response after it has been submitted Rob Janson 0 comments 3 votes
Open Forms Google Address Control - making user to pick address form address list. Rob Janson 1 comment 0 votes