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Create an OC Document page

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OC Document pages consist of a title, short description and a list of links. They are designed to work in conjunction with the listing page, to give your community a list of documents pertaining to one subject and a short summary of that subject. For example, a relative listing of financial documents could have one OC Document page for each year, with an entry containing a short description of what is provided and all the financial documents (reports, budgets etc.) for that year.

OC Document pages are hidden from navigation, so the page itself will not be visible to users outside of the listing page. Your OC Document page will not show on your listing page until it has been published.

A Document accordion expanded on the document library listing page

How to create an OC Document page

  1. Right-click in your site tree where you would like to create the page. If you are using the OC Document Library - Relative template on your listing page, your document pages will need to be direct child pages of the listing page.
  2. Choose Create Page.
  3. Select OC Document as your content type.
  4. Fill in the necessary fields.
  5. Publish your page.

What to include on your document page

Field  Function
Page name Completes the unique page URL
Document summary

A brief description of the document(s) contained on the page. The summary will appear on the listing page once the document accordion has been expanded.

Note: for newer sites, this option is not available. In place of a summary field, we have added a WYSIWYG content area that can contain links and other formatting.

Document title The title of the document(s). The title will appear on the listing page as an accordion that can be expanded.
Document links and files Insert links to files in your Files Library using the Insert links option, outlined below.
Add common search terms people would use when looking for this document

Keywords or metadata to boost page in search results. 

Note: the file names of all document links will need to be added to this field, to ensure that all files are searchable using the listing page's search function

Content labels These labels organize your content internally (i.e. your site visitors won't see the labels). You can also make content lists out of these labels.

Inserting files to your OC Document page

Any links or files inserted here will appear in a list when a document accordion on the listing page is expanded. To insert links and files:

  1. Ensure that all files that need to be inserted have already been uploaded to the Files Library.
  2. Click on the Insert links option under Document links and files to open the links menu.
  3. Using the Select an internal link icon, navigate to the content page or file which you want to link.
  4. The Link Name and Link URL will auto-fill upon selection, but you can enter a different Link Name if you want to.
  5. Check the New Window box if you want the link to open into a new browser window.
  6. Click Add more links to add other links or files, and repeat steps 3-5.
  7. To reorder your links, click and drag the four arrows icon until you're happy with the placement.
  8. Save once you have added all the links.

Insert links menu on a document page

Please note that the listing page's search function will search for the Document title of the page, which appears as the title of the OC Document accordion on the listing page. This means that if you have multiple files uploaded to an OC Document page, it will only search for the file that matches the Document title.

To ensure that your search function will pertain to all the files uploaded for a document, make sure you add all the file names to the Common search terms field of the OC Document page.

The Add Common Search Terms field on the admin screen of a document page

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